The sales of Olympus Imaging to the Japanese Investment Fund is well underway and due for completion by the end of the year. There have been plenty of encouraging the honoured brand of Olympus; a shiny new super zoom has been brought out ( 100-400) and the tiny EM10 now has a Mark IV upgrade.

However, when asked to endorse the future use of the Micro Four Thirds system, there was a tumbleweed moment - unable to comment at present. That and the emphasis on new product R and D does not make for a happy Olympus user !

Just come out of a zoom meeting, by invite, with Carshalton CC with Keith Snell giving a very interesting talk on four aspects of his photography.

Patterns & Shapes

Portraiture & Figure Art

Wild Life


Enjoyed them all, but in particular the Patterns & Shapes.

A big thanks to Steve from CCC for the invite and look forward to the next one.

  • Alan Hutchings

Just an early reminder for the members that the 5th and final PDI Competition is scheduled for Wednesday 9th September so there is plenty of time to start putting your entries together. The judge is Paul Grabber.

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