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Mitcham Camera Club Committee

Meet the Committee Members who are privileged to help organise South London's Friendly & Inclusive Camera Club.

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Mike Parsons


"In my retirement  I enjoy a game of golf, but its photography that has always been my passion, and a camera is always at hand."

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Ray Steines


"I’ve been extremely lucky in life and managed to indulge my passion for photography in many parts of the world."

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Rob Endean


"I originally came to the club more years ago than I care to remember when my son took up photography.  I quickly saw the attraction and stayed on."

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Alan Hutchings

Competition Secretary

"I’m proud to follow in the footsteps my father, a member in the early years, and a master photographer.  Being there when traditional photography gave way to digital has been very useful to both me and the club."

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Andrew Haugen

Programme Secretary

"The inspiration for my work comes from many sources from the artwork of album covers to the work of the great painters of yesteryear."

Philip Bryan.jpg

Philip Bryan

Vice Chair

"I’ve always taken photographs, but the quality of my work has come on in leaps and bounds since getting involved with the club."

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